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“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.” ― Martin Luther

“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.”  ― Martin Luther

Today is January 10th.I’m publishing this on Monday, Jan 13th because I was unsure if I should post this. I prayed about it and decided I can’t stay in my comfort zone forever. Wait, I never do anyway. So, welcome to individual liberty, haha! I got my son’s History book in the mail.( we finished our first History already)Ironically it’s the anniversary for Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. That just gave me goose bumps. I’m reading it first. It’s The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution by Kevin Gutzman. You might as well know it. I love History and the Constitution.It actually started in 5th grade because of my teacher, Mr. Wilkinson who took the time to make History come alive. He taught in Newtown, CT. He was involved in reenacting and collected civil war and revolutionary War artifacts. I have been fascinated since. I’m a Christian Libertarian. Yep. I love Ron Paul( gasp) , Tom Woods , the Tenth Amendment Center and Chuck Baldwin etc… Now I know I break the stereo type because Blimey Cow said, “most Christian homeschoolers are Republicans.” . Sorry. Not me. Not anymore. About 6 years ago The winter was terrible here in PA.( Noticing a pattern?) My kids were crazy from the snow. Some guy got on my Facebook by accident.( when I remember who he is I owe him a huge debt) My kids somehow added him as a friend. He shared a video called ” What If” from Ron Paul. We did not have fast internet and I was so bored. It took 3 hours to download. So.. I watched it. I was so sick to my stomach. I watched it over and over. Have I been wrong all this time? I had to know. The next day I took the kids through the snow, to the library. I got the book Liberty Defined and any other Ron Paul book. Some I had to order from other Libraries. I live in PA, but I went to Conneaut, Ohio(which is very close) to the Library. My husband and I devoured the books. Then we were given a Mother Earth News Magazine and I saw the fair coming to PA. I had to go. My husband and I went. We heard Joel Salatin(Lunatic Farmer, Christian Libertarian) speak. Our lives were changed. We also heard Ron Paul speak in Pittsburgh. We left there like we had been sold a bill of goods our whole lives and finally someone had just freed us. Yes I know we should not get involved in politics, lets all just pray, it’s worked so far.I have heard God does not call people into politics and all people really need is Jesus. I am so thankful George Washington and all of those men, did NOT share these same beliefs. I would not be sitting here today typing this.Now please. I am a Christian. I tell people about Jesus. Let’s all just forget that those first colonist and revolutionaries preached against the government from their pulpits. . Still in America it is not okay to be a free-thinker. Free thinkers challenge the establishment, whether that be politics or religion. My brother had been on me for years. He would tell me all this stuff . I would just tune him out. He’s a Marine and oh, could he just be quiet for two seconds. I cannot take anymore politics!). He realized something that everyone needs to realize on their own, though. You see he could not make me aware. It’s like a spark that ignites a fire. Until it catches, it wont fan the blaze. I needed to catch it on my own.” What If” did it for me. That is part of the reason I homeschool.It’s hard for people to break away from what they have always known. When everyone around you believes the same way and speaks the same things, you get caught up in the whirlwind of ideas. When you step out of the whirlwind, you are labeled rebellious and unsubmissive. The founders were like that. They would rather have free thought and be labeled trouble makers then follow the herd, even if the herd told them they went against God.Thank God they did. I want my kids to know the real History. To know there are still men who will fight for the Constitution. That strength is not what makes a man. That men like Ron Paul. Tom Woods, Kevin Gutzman, Thomas Paine, Chuck Baldwin, Joel Salatin etc.. even though I may not agree with some of their beliefs, are those kind of men. I have heard people say( and probably I was one of them) Well what do you want me to do? I think if Martin Luther could start the Reformation by nailing his 95 Theses, maybe, just maybe you were born” for such a time as this.” Watch this. It just might change your life too.

My Live History Lesson..


So yesterday I was able to get a live history lesson. I had some friends over who homeschool in our church. Oh and FYI before you say” Hey come over for lunch” check your daughter’s room. Oh. Man. Talk about freaking out. Oh, wait, we homeschooling/ home educating moms NEVER do that. We are always very calm, speaking in low tones. Anyway after I maintained some order and my friends arrived the beautiful sound of kids filling my small farm-house. Snow is STILL falling here (thank you Lake Erie) so the kids were in and out, mud everywhere , snow everywhere. It was great. I mean that. One mom had to run and get another daughter to soccer. So I chatted with my friend who stayed behind. I was telling her about where I grew up. So I told her I grew up in Sandy Hook , CT. She gasped. Yes I know some of you are now going, Wow. Before the tragedy though you would have said where is that? I grew up in a small house on 41 Farview Dr. It’s still there. My neighbor Janice still lives there. We were not wealthy and most of the people where we lived in Sandy Hook were not wealthy. I will give my thoughts on that whole thing another day, today I want you to focus on History. I told my friend that the kids in Newtown were not nice about the fact that we were poor. They threw coins at my sister and said “alms for the poor”. Yes, in picturesque Newtown. My friend began to tell me what I had been dying to know about this great country we live in. She said this:” Yes we were very poor in Czech republic too. But then so was everyone. That is the way the Communists wanted it. They wanted everyone equal. Oh, but the leaders were not poor. The thing is there was no way to rise above it.” I said” So you had no hope of anything better?” She said “No we could never make it better.” She said it bothered some people that they could not travel where they wanted or go out at night but her parents did not care because they never had the money to so why be mad. I looked this up on MyCzechRepublic.com
The Communist Party seized complete power after the coup d’etat on February 25, 1948. This event marked the start of the Communist totalitarian regime that lasted until the Velvet Revolution of 1989. A second wave of nationalization took place and 95% of all privately owned companies became the property of the state. There were a number of political trials and executions in the following several years. The economy went steadily down under the socialist regime. Basic human rights were suppressed.
This is what I wanted to know . To teach my kids living history. When they take away our freedoms and stomp on my Jesus it means more than left verse right. This is living history. Our founders knew what they were doing. The Czech Republic is not under communism any longer. She said it changed so much. I did some studying on it and found the History fascinating. They gave communism the boot. Yet here in America we want everyone to be equal. We think no one should be rich. I don’t know about you but I look at the bleak picture my friend painted for me and shutter. Do we so soon forget?
So I watch the snow fall. I talked with God this morning. I know he is the Only King whose Anthem shall never fade but this living history spoke to me. Our founders knew what worked. The Constitution is an Awesome document written by intelligent men. They saw tyranny. They knew the power of unlimited Government. They knew what happens to people when they can’t rise above their circumstance. They start a Revolution, and end up with a Republic.( If we can keep it.) Thank you Ben Franklin for the reminder.
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