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Instrument for You.


It’s been one of those days. I know you have had them. When everything you have tried to do just seemed to fall apart. . My car broke, I had to cancel a doctor’s appointment, we had some homeschooling “issues” and on Facebook everyone had a comment on everything. If you didn’t line up exactly , well you must not be a fill in the blank. What in the world is wrong?

The cold weather is biting like a bee sting. Something inside feels off. I read it in people’s posts. The perfect homeschool post, the perfect christian post, the post in response to the post I posted post, diets, curriculum, politics, confusion, is there a God? On and on the madness ensues. Meanwhile my friend’s life is falling apart( while I get to homeschool my kids and have a great marriage) and all I can do is pray.Is this really how it should be?

But I have to just let the madness continue. Sometimes ignoring what others think and say is the only way to be an instrument for You. Approval is overrated.I don’t want to be an instrument for a cause or denomination. Just You.

Tonight I saw His sunset and felt His crisp air in my lungs.I couldn’t help but think, Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD. Psalm 150:6

The world cannot hate us. We are to busy following it.


I had an old Pastor that used to pray something like this” Lord I pray that I have been a pure enough vessel that You would speak through me today.“(which is so rare these days) He did not want his flesh to get in the way. It’s so easy you know. To let our old stinking selves to become the main focus. I mean just look at any Homeschool convention. You would think they were about the heart and mind of our children. When the first speakers showing up are speakers on weight-loss programs( the latest trend this year) . It’s seriously time to evaluate things. I’m sick over this. I was looking into two. One of my children is leaning toward a medical field and I was checking out two VERY opposite types. I already made it clear I love Tom Woods. I was taught Economics wrong. I listen to his podcasts and his talks on freedom etc. However I learned the convention he was going to was having Dr. Ben Carson. It is close to the Creation Museum and we would be able to visit the Columbus Zoo which my daughter ( who wants to be a zoologist) really wants to visit. I decided on this after looking at the “weight loss” convention though. That was started by missionaries and yes it has other great speakers. I went down the list and was not impressed. I know why we are losing the battle for homeschoolers . It’s right to educate the heart, but there was more of a focus on the body then the mind………..?????????PFT I need more coffee.

As a mom I have a responsibility to train my kids for the next generation. The last thing I need is for me to go to a convention and hear Another weight-loss program. Sure health is important, but Christians are the worst at preaching “don’t follow the fashion of the world’, than having 20 Vera Bradley purses.Ouch. Yes that’s the truth isn’t it. We tell people we don’t need to have soup kitchens, just tell them about Jesus.( Insert eyeroll HERE!) Americans don’t even know what a hunger pain is. We don’t need a diet plan. We need to get off our butt and live what we believe. In doing so our kids will see it. How about growing your own food? . Ditch the coupons. All you buy is processed junk with them anyway. Did you ever see someones stock pile? NO. Thanks.

Then all these bloggers telling me to live victorious lives.Accept yourself as the child of God.HA! Except they all follow each other or someone else. If one guy is popular every women shares his blog. Which makes me ill. If one preacher writes a book. People with no brains and obviously low self-esteem flock to him. They forget CONTEXT IS KING. Ditch 400 years of research and believe they are now slaves under a God who is some kind of Master. Sorry Gal 5. You don’t really mean we are under liberty. Sorry John 8:36 still a slave. Oh, and that wage of sin you were working for. You apparently are still under a master. Only slaves are working. Still in bondage because John MacArthur is smarter than the King James translators. They had no idea what they were doing. It was a conspiracy! Sorry John MacArthur I willingly serve my Lord. I willingly knelt at the feet of Jesus Christ.Slaves don’t work willingly. Just a little FYI. He redeemed me off the auction block of sin. He bought me back and SET ME FREE. So please take your false doctrine out of the church. You have been deceiving people for far too long. No, Jesus is not my buddy, but He is my friend (John 15:15), my Abba, my Lord , my God and so many other things. You cannot change God’s word to control a people.

So here’s why I wrote this; Christians do not just follow every thing that blows in. I don’t care if 5,000 people are at the service and your heart is moved. If the guy is weak and anemic. Please go study your Bible. Dig deeper. Women Far too long I have listened to you ask the dumbest questions in church. I think to myself if these women are training the next generation” God help us.” If you are acting dumb on purpose. STOP. The Proverbs 31 woman was not dumb or weak. She was strong and capable. Her husband trusted her( and she also had maidservants which no one wants to point out. If I had maidservants. I’d have time for lot’s of things. Like more gardening maybe going out with a friend. Who knows? The possibilities are endless. You get the point.)

The only way true change will come in this country is a resurgence of real Christianity. Not this weak , anemic, parasite we have now. Where self-government is seen as sin.
Here is a story of a judge in 1842 interviewing a Colonel that was in the battle of Concord.In 1842, Judge Mellen Chamberlain interviewed ninety-one-year-old Captain Preston, a veteran of the Battle of Concord in 1775, to try and establish why Preston had fought against the British (My math calculates this interval to be 67 years, placing the then-young fighting man’s age at around 24).
Judge Chamberlain: Did you take up arms against intolerable oppressions?
Captain Preston replied that he had never felt any oppressions.
Judge Chamberlain: Was it the Stamp Act?
Captain Preston: No, I never saw one of those stamps.
Judge Chamberlain: Was it the tea tax?
Captain Preston again said no.
Judge Chamberlain: Were you reading John Locke and other theorists of liberty?
Captain Preston: Never heard of’em. We read only the Bible, the Catechism, Watt’s Psalms and Hymns, and the Almanac.
Judge Chamberlain: Why, then, did you fight?
Captain Preston: Young man, what we meant in going for those Redcoats, was this: We always had governed ourselves, and we always meant to. They didn’t mean we should.

Maybe we should take a lesson from that Colonel. If we keep focusing on weight-loss programs and not on the heart of the matter. Christ taught personal liberty. The right of every man and woman to govern themselves. We all be accountable for ourselves before God. You are to examine yourself. The founders knew this. They knew they ought to obey God rather than man.Do you know why they were so hated. They were so different. Why is it taking nuns to stand up to a ruling tyrant. Christians are so entrenched in this world they have forgotten where they came from. Let me remind you.
John 15:19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.12 disciples
Dialogue from ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History’ by Prof. Thomas E. Woods, Jr., Phd.



It’s cold here in northwestern PA. . I know Polar Vortex, as if this is a sci-fi movie. Please. It’s cold. We feel it. Some of my chickens died and my Linemen husband is frozen when he actually comes home. This cold does go right through to your bones.The bleakness of winter can consume you if you let it. My kids of course are driving me crazy. If we don’t get above 1 degree soon I am seriously going to reevaluate my mental health. We’ve acquired a talking Amazon Parrot , conure, kitten and a dog since I last posted. I don’t have enough chaos in here, I’m opting for an indoor zoo! So I haven’t posted in over a year. I wasn’t able to sit at my computer. I have these disks that seem to pop like popcorn. This is the third time it has happened to me. I thought for sure I was done. I don’t know if you have ever experienced nerve pain, but it is not like anything I can describe.It is relentless and pursuing. I could not escape it. I did finally get surgery. I am not a fan of chiropractors and please refrain from telling me how wonderful they are for you. So I know this is not like my usual posts. I want you to know that God does hear the prayers of the Homeschooling Mom. He heard me say” God I can’t do this. If you don’t help me I quit. I am sending these kids to the public school and I just give up. The pain is too much( and it was)”. My friends forgot me, some family thought I was addicted to the pain meds( I don’t know why, they didn’t help much) . I told Him in no uncertain terms that I was done with Him and with everyone. Now if you don’t know God you will say” some God you have there” I know . You see this is not the worst thing I have ever been through, Maybe as far as pain level, but not the worst thing. He did help me through this and compensated for the lack of schooling I was not able to do. My kids are so much better now. I could just weep to think of it.I ditched my old schooling. I have so much better results now. I have more help for my dyslexic son. God used this time when I could not even sit, to do some great things in my kids lives. I have come out of this thing called suffering so much better. You see when you suffer no-one can go through this with you. You have no companion. It is not meant to be shared. I am not out of pain and probably never will be. I’m okay with that. I’ll be okay, someday. It has been awful. It has been painful and hard. Lonely nights. One thing I can say is trite things like this” You have not suffered as much as Job or as much as….” are just so ridiculous. So glad I have a great God who does reach down in my pain, because I have suffered as much as ME. He made me and knows my pain. My Creator fashioned me. No matter where I am. In a lonely dark place( which I have been before).no pitHe’s been there for me. This lesson isn’t learned breezing through life. It’s learned on the road less traveled. God knows our pain. No matter how deep the pit. Take heart. Homeschooling can be hard. I know. I’ve weathered the storms, the comments, the scrutiny, the struggles. They’re worth it. Don’t give up. I’m not perfect. I’ve been unorganized, my house messy, freaked out, lost my patience, lost my mind, please don’t ever think that you have lost your God. He’s here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQnBvUiAGsI#!

PEI Days


I never realized before how much I appreciated the action of sitting. I told you in a previous blog I was in pain. Well I am. I have a herniated disk which is pinching a nerve, making sitting near impossible. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not whining. That’s not something I usually do. I just want to be thankful today for the things I’m sure I don’t even realize I take for granted. I haven’t blogged in a while. I usually get up at 4:30 am when it’s quiet. The rooster isn’t even crowing then. The quiet gives my mind a chance to just flow. Well I also sit in front of the computer, with my coffee:O) and savor the alone time. None of those things are appealing to me right now. I’m in a state of perpetual motion. But I looked outside today and the sun is shining. . It’s going to be 80 out, the wind is blowing. I love the wind. I can’t lie. I’m in agony. The pain meds are not even helping. Home educating is so frustrating. There is something about the wind though.. it’s like a balm to my soul. I remember going to Prince Edward Island with my husband. We stood there on the cliffs and felt the force of the wind. Scan0057Ever since we call these types of days PEI days. You know those days. When your soul feels like it has wings. It doesn’t take away my pain. it just makes me stop and remember that God has not forgotten me. I hear his still small voice. Only it doesn’t seem so small. It’s pretty loud. The trees rustle, The red brush grinds, the clouds are whipping by. The forest is bustling with activity. I need this reminder. That amidst all my pain and all the crazy bombings and factories exploding, the evil in this world, God is still in control. He hasn’t forgotten. He is still In charge. He still gives me these PEI days. The pain tries to overwhelm me. Home educating becomes a chore. Portfolios are the last thing I want to do. He hasn’t forgotten me. I can still cling to the knowledge that yes, I do know the Master of the wind.
The Wind by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Wind by Robert Louis Stevenson<a

Wonderful Worms!


I read in my devotional this weekend. She says in so many words, Can I only find true wonder in exotic places. Do I have to travel the world to marvel? Can joy and wonder be found in the mundane? In the laughter of a child. In the twinkle of a star. What if the wonder is captured right here where we live, in these moments we experience. What if I could find that wonder even in a worm?winter worms 011This weekend I caught up on something I have been trying to get to forever. I usually am running around for everyone else. Saturday I finally said that’s it we are changing my worm Bin!!Yep, I am a Worm Farmer:o) I read a book a while back called Organic Farming. In it he described all about vericomposting. Vermicomposting is the process of using red worms to convert organic waste into rich humus(worm poop and just great soil for the garden or plants). I honestly thought they were dead. I have been to workshops on them. I was already supposed to have changed the bin. So here’s what I do. I put strips of Newspaper, hay, organic soil in a bin( the lid should have tiny holes drilled, not big enough for flies), lightly moist.I ordered red wrigglers. Not the same as earthworms. These guys are skinny and long. They eat your garbage. The books and workshops I went to made me feel overwhelmed. This is so easy. Put your worms in. Start adding compost. Leafy greens, egg shells( they say rinsed but I can’t say all mine were), coffee( no problem here), no hot spicy peppers. I added pumpkins but hard-shelled things didn’t do well..No snacks, No junk food. They won’t eat it! No citrus! They breathe through their skin so you really don’t want to imagine that horrific experience. Worms are both male and female. But they still need two to mate. winter worms 015They kind of curl together when mating.The eggs look like little white balls. You’ll probably think they are maggots or something. It’s exciting. Now at the bottom of my worm bin my awesome husband put a funnel with a screen . There is a tube coming off this funnel going into a container. I save this”worm tea”. It is concentrated black gold. A little fact about the castings or worm poop, or humus. The university of Georgia had one study that found plants fertilized with worm castings saw a 126-percent higher growth rate than those treated with chemical fertilizers!!! I did not need proof of a study . I use this on everything. My diluted worm tea goes on my garden. Forget Monsanto’s miracle grow. Sorry folks. Chemicals are not miracles! This was an awesome science project for my whole family. I love my worms. My worms were not dead, in fact there are so many we are doing two more bins!! winter worms 029
The kids got in the poop . Had a blast. So you are probably wondering if it smells? Nope.If you put the food under the top layer of hay or paper they eat it, no smell. You are doing it right! The worms eat half their weight in food. They say two pounds of worms eat one pound of waste. All I know is I put it in and they eat it!! Probably more than you wanted to know but I love it. Just think of all that garbage everywhere and these angels sent by A Creator to get rid of it for us. Amazing creatures . Sit back and wonder. winter worms 012

When I least expected it.


I admit it today. I am tired. However I am so encouraged. For a few months now my oldest son Daniel and I have had a conflict of interest. He’s growing up. He challenges my authority. He and I are not seeing eye to eye. When I left for the homeschool retreat it was early in the morning. I went up to say goodbye to my kids. I walked into my boy’s room. ” Bye Joel, see ya when I get back”, Joel did like a Helen Keller and felt for my face. No words. I heard this voice though, “bye mom I’ll miss you” .I smiled in the dark. “Bye Daniel. Love you, I’ll miss you too.” I didn’t even think he’d notice I was gone. It’s not like an outright fighting or rebellion, just challenges and this friction all the time. Once in a rare moment we will go get horse feed together and he’ll let his guard down. I love those moments. I’m not the teacher. I am just his mom. We are laughing and driving. He’ll go into the Bushnell store (where we get our feed) and carry the feed for me. I keep those moments close. He’s 12. The years are going so fast. I can still remember him at the top of the Silo at 3 years old. Our friend Johnny had to get him down because I was pregnant. I remember him asking me if John the Baptist was going to have his head on in heaven( I mean I have never even thought of that), I remember him running down to the stream full speed and when I asked him what in the world he was doing he said” Mom I’m getting five smooth stones to slay the giant.” Picture 111Those days have gone. Now we have this new Daniel who tells me facts like “Did you know that tattoos don’t harm people because of macrophages..”, He stripped the bark off of all of the fence posts last summer to earn money to buy his kindle fire. He is now a hunter. He took is safety course and can tell my husband and I more about the hunting laws and guns then we know!He loves looking for fossils in the stream beds around here. We are blessed to live near lake Erie and it is a treasure trove of fossil finds. The one thing that always has encouraged me is his heart for God. He is such a deep thinker and it leads him straight to the Creator. Last summer when we were picking out curriculum, I allowed the kids to choose the science they wanted. Daniel chose Human Anatomy. Now I had to get a video. I don’t have time to teach it because of the other issues going on with Joel. We ended up picking Dr. Menton’s Body of Evidence Daniel has been soaking it in. When I went to the retreat in Indiana I was allowed to pick a prize off this table for being one of the ones to come the furthest. Mr. Landry had already showed us a science book Life Science by Science Shepherd I could have gotten other cool stuff but I grabbed the science book. I got home late Sunday night. I had experiments and other neat stories to tell my kids. They were excited to see me. I said” oh Daniel I don’t know if you really care but I won this Science book”, and handed it to him. Daniel flipped open the science book and exclaimed “CELLS AND TISSUE , mom this looks awesome!!!” My husband looked at me and shook his head. Daniel said, “thanks mom .” He walked away with the book ,reading it! I did not expect that. God has a special plan in mind for Daniel. I don’t know what it is. He told me the same thing I learned on my retreat. “The more I learn about human anatomy, the more I realize I cannot be an accident.” I cannot wait to see what God, The Creator has in store for Daniel. It’s amazing to me to think how well planned it is, yet He always shows me when I least expect it.