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Just Make your Beds


I woke up today and the first thing I did is make my bed. It seems so trivial, but for me it has been a huge motivational factor. Homeschooling is hard. Anyone who tells you otherwise is totally lying. I never sugar coat this way of life. Being responsible for the education of my children is a huge undertaking. I went to school to become a teacher, ironically they taught me how to be a teacher but not how to educate. I can make pretty bulletin boards and whip up lesson plans, visuals, psht piece of cake. Educating the individual has been a whole different ball game!

I thought homeschooling was going to be cake. I mean who better to teach my kids than me, the woman who knows them best. I forgot one small thing. Life.

Yep, there is something called life that gets in the way of every day. Sometimes it strolls along nicely, other times it comes crashing down like a tsunami. I cant stop it.

Life has brought many trials to our homeschooling days. About 2 years ago life through me a huge curve ball. My nerve pain in my leg Once again reared it’s ugly head. At the same time some horrible memories from my past plagued my nights. I got heart palpitations, sunk into a deep depression and just about gave up. I couldn’t bare the thought of another surgery, another problem. My dyslexic son was struggling in school, my other son was struggling in life, my daughter was having seizures and I just could not take one more thing! Somehow, by the Grace of God( and trust me thats not a cliche) We plunged on. Friends bailed on me, people talked about the medications I had to take for my pain and over all, I was sinking into a black hole with no feeling of returning.

After my last surgery I had had enough. Enough pain, enough not being able to clean my house, enough of fair weather friends. I decided no matter how hard my day was or how much pain I was in, I was going to get up and make my bed. So I started. Everyday, no matter what, I made my bed.cinderella

I know, I know, seems so insignificant, but for me it was huge. It meant despite my pain, despite the fact that My whole way of life changed, I accomplished something. After a month of making my bed I tackled my house. It was a Sat. one year after my surgery. I put on some music, told my husband I’d rather stay home than go visit his friend and I cleaned. It was such a victory for me!

I had a well meaning relative scowl when I told her this. I mean how could I not have pushed past the pain? Just suck it up and do it. How could I not sit through Sunday School and church, I could always stand up. Sounds like such simple advice, yet the truth is I had decided for the sake of these precious hearts and minds God gave me, I was going to heal. That meant taking an hour, EVERY SINGLE DAY, no matter what to lay on a heating pad and get off my feet. I did not care if people thought I was lazy or criticized me, I knew and still know pushing past pain will never be a reality. If it hurts I stop. That also meant not caring what the church folks thought in regards to church attendance. I mean if leaders stay home to put their children to bed, I’m pretty sure I can stay home to heal.

So now with the help of modifying my homeschool ,I am a new person. I will always have pain, I may even always have certain things that trigger depression and horrible nightmares( just as an FYI this is not called acting like a victim, and neither is talking about it, it’s called healing) but I’m going to start by making my bed. One small step at a time.

I hope this can encourage some of you moms who just want to quit. I know how hard it can be. Don’t quit. It’s just a season. Sometimes the season drags on, but just find one thing you can do and pretty soon one will become two and so on. Please, share, like or comment. I’d so appreciate it!

I found this video on Navy Seals. I’m not a proponent of war( unless defending our country), but I couldn’t believe his illustrations on making your bed. Pretty amazing!

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