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I allowed myself to be hurt today. My son told me something someone said about me. It really dug down deep. I love this person. I’ve had them at my house. I’ve fed them, taken them places,  I’ve laughed, teased, and treated them as my own. I’ve prayed for them. They told another teen they don’t like me. My son said ” mom I know sometimes I don’t act like I should, sometimes I act different in front of people. Mom this person, the change in front of others is unbelievable. “ My hurt went from hurt, to broken. Friends what are we teaching our children? 

I have watched children shovel sidewalks, open doors, pass plates, take out the church garbage and all because a parent glared at them and gave that” we are important in this church, you’d better perform, people expect it look.” All in the name of having an ordered home and being a ” godly “leader.

Don’t even tell me I’m wrong. I’m dead on. 

These children are learning how to become a chameleon. They change colors, or fronts depending on who they are around. The teen years are already so hard. People rage against Christians. I know I’m 39 and I have people on facebook who say the cruelest things about Christians. We are not allowed to believe. We are parasites.

My children are not perfect. I know their struggles. I am very open and honest with them. They know mine. They also know the thing I hate the most in this world is a fake. I want Authenticity.

Don’t tell me you are godly because you are a Pastor, Deacon, or Sunday school teacher. I know some of you, and I know your kids. Please be authentic. Your children watch how you treat them at home ,and then how you act at church or in front of the Pastor. They see right through you.

They will not serve a God who is Authentic. They will be great actors. Trust me, we don’t need more actors. That’s why the church is in this mess. 

I am starting this journey on Authenticity. If my children forsake God it won’t be because my Christianity isn’t real, it will be because they chose the world and now are the enemy of God. 

Stop being a liar. Be authentic. Our world needs you.

Forget helicopters ,we are at drone levels!


Did you ever witness a parent in complete horror that their child is running at Mach 6 away from them? I mean what will happen if the child is let’s say ,in a gym ,with padded floors and she runs from you? I witnessed this scene last week. I know the parent probably thought,” I have such an energetic , or maybe even rebellious child”.If they only knew.

The little girl was running from you, the parents!

I also watch as some homeschooling families I know who will argue homeschoolers are sociable, completely drone their kids. They watch them with precision. If the child is hanging out with let’s say ,my children ,they use their droning skills and hone in on them. I’m not sure who should be more worried,them or me.I don’t think I have taught my kids any satanic rituals lately. Cause you know drone parents only parent by fear and control. What would happen if their child made a friend. Oh the horror!

This poor parent does not even now that this is their present state of being. They think they are growing a mighty army for the Lord. They see the hovering, hand holding ,controlling manner, as a form of righteousness. No one parents better than a drone parent. Their child must sit perfectly still in the pew and be attentive at all times. No time for being children, performance is essential. All life is scheduled. Most will have strict control of diet and strong views on the amount of time a child should sleep. Nothing interferes with THE SCHEDULE. Comply or else. 

The sad thing in these scenarios is the children suffer because it all boils down to fear. I mean what will happen if we let our children fall? They learn to rise. What happens if they make friends and learn things that you don’t expect. It’s a great time to reinforce character in your child. But but what if my child fails? Well then they have just learned one of the most important lessons in life, nobody succeeds without failure. 

At the Mother Earth News Fair ,Joel Salatin said this,  

“Anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly, at first.” 

Stop being your child’s handicap. Let them breathe.