Leaving a Legacy


Yesterday Sierra had piano practice. I showed up there to too many cars for my liking. I was rushing. I was in pain. I was not sociable. I brought Cheyenne with me and left the boys home to clean and finish school.( at least school got finished) So I come in and her piano teacher tells me her mom has invited some ladies over. I look in. I know them. I smile. I start my inner language. Should I join them? So I walk over” Hi I’m going to invade you guys. ” One of the ladies I read her post every day on Facebook. Her husband was injured in a car accident because of a young lady who had been drinking and using prescription meds. He now has a traumatic brain injury. Her world has changed. Melanie has been in the paper and during the court hearing she forgave this young lady. Wow! What a legacy. She has left such a pattern behind for her children.The legacy of forgiveness. So these ladies were chatting, we had coffee. Melanie is really positive and full of life. I know people with less problems who post daily about their colds. They need to take lessons. We got talking about homeschooling because she is no longer able to. And no I do not think she is the spawn of satan. None of us know what life may bring us. God has her where she is. I can’t live her life for her and make her choices. She is a wonderful women who is going to make the best choices for her kids. That’s all each of us do. I left there later thinking how Melanie encouraged me. I’m so discouraged about my back sometimes, but she lifted me up.
used for his glory
I got to thinking today. What is my legacy? How will my kids remember me? Will Joel remember that yesterday we learned about a volcano in Mexico? Will Sierra care that I got her interested in music? Does it matter to Daniel that I steer him into science? Is Cheyenne going to only remember that I love Cheetahs? Is there a greater Legacy I can leave besides my home educating? Is that the most important?

That’s what I discovered. I want my Legacy to be more about pointing others to Him. Education is important. illiterate uneducated kids DO NOT represent an Intelligent Creator, but there is a loving God in all that education that I want to make sure my kids are not missing. Oh Happy Spring! Hope you are enjoying your sun.spring pic 023

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  1. Barb, you are so sweet. I was really wonderful to chat with you yesterday – I’m so glad you were able to join us. I think you’re doing a GREAT job with your kids. And, I can’t help but admire someone who had the courage to deal with so many snakes! Have a blessed day.


    • Melanie I didn’t even know you read this. Haha Surprise! Hey, I haven’t told any snake stories yet don’t give me away. No really I would not put those days in the “brave”category. You inspire me. Thanks for the comment.


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