“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.TE


“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Accordingly a genius is often merely a talented person who has done all of his or her homework.”Thomas Edison maple tour 024
This past weekend Northwest PA had its Maple taste and tour. It always amazes us the fascinating people who live right around the corner from us, and we never even knew it! I was talking to my kids yesterday and like most kids they have there favorite actors and people in life they admire. Frankly Hollywood doesn’t impress me much. I actually ran into a Hollywood star at age 16( I mean literally) he asked me if I’d like his autograph. I asked him what for? It did not go well for his inflated ego. I began to think what really merits success. Is one successful because they have money? Is that all we raise these home educated kids for. Now you have attained knowledge, go to college to become rich. You’re life is complete.( You have to say this with a sophisticated voice to get a good feel for it:O) Sad picture. How about knowledge itself. Do we push our kids for that. Make them stay up late studying, striving for perfection so they will become the perfect student, the doctor whatever we deem this success looks like? I have seen these lifeless, tired kids. No thanks.
At this particular maple tour was a man maybe in his 30’s who had a love affair with steam. He knew all about it. He could tell you Psi’s and all different kinds of things.( which I can’t) He had his entire Maple system run from this old steam tractor, in a cabin by the creek. He was not wealthy. By the worlds definition he was not successful. He told us he had been interested in steam his whole life. He loved it. We walked up the hill into his garage. His mom and fiance were in their selling syrup and maple cheese cake( which was a success. I tried it) His mom said” Isn’t he so smart, He did that all himself.” His fiancée was smiling from ear to ear. They didn’t have to convince me. I already thought he was amazing. My husband and I got into a lengthy discussion on what this world honors. The media show all of the “beautiful” people. Yet this man by pure ingenuity and hard work is doing something no one else is. He is the Thomas Edison’s and Ben Franklin’s of our time. The men people won’t care about until they are no more. The value of hard work has been replaced for a handout. Children are disgusted by people who get dirty. The skill of a laborer is not seen as “amazing”.
My husbands grandmother teases us a lot because we constantly make friends with older people. There is something to be said from a generation of people who lived and worked. You should meet my husbands Papa, who also has Dyslexia. He has taught my husband everything he knows. My husband thinks he is the most amazing man in the world.We just wish he would believe it too. We learn from them. We listen. These folks truly are AMAZING. This is what success is. Finding what you love and working hard at it. I want my kids to find God’s will for their lives. Not what this world tells them is supposed to be His will. If Success means riches, their name in the spot light, so be it. If success means a cabin by the creek then that is just as amazing as the spot light. Who would have thought Thomas Edison , A dyslexic kid who said this” My teachers say I’m addled . . . my father thought I was stupid, and I almost decided I must be a dunce.” would be so Successful!
Thomas edison

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