I know that You are for me.


Today I rise from the wounds of a friend. When I started this blog. It was to prevent my mind from becoming stagnant. I actually write all the time. The words never make it out of my mind. I keep them there for safe storage. I have written whole novels. This blog was my beginning.I decided I was sick of keeping them trapped. This weekend My son again discovered how hard it was for him to struggle with this monster of Dyslexia. Yes, sometimes he brings it upon himself. This weekend it was a combination of this. It was a disaster in the making. So I woke up today and stared at the screen. I can’t write about this. I have been up since 4:30 am. I decided I have to. My friend crossed the line with my son. I called her and told her. She did not understand (at all) Dyslexia. People most times only see what they want to. I find I can say it. I can tell them of my day, but they already have this preconceived notion. Joel must be lazy and rebellious.(Trust me Joel can be both. In this circumstance, the issue wasn’t rebellion but lack of focus and Joel not being able to sit still.) I must not be disciplining him.(Yes, I regularly feed him cake and ice cream as a reward for bad behavior)This is why I write on this topic frequently. Now you’re wondering, Are you still friends? Yes. I don’t let things go anymore. My son is more important than that. I just went home feeling broken. Actually so did Joel. He was off all day. He has a heart. He was causing fights and tearing up all day. He knows. I don’t want to make Joel a victim. Poor little Joel. He has it so bad. Which is why I did not do any of this in public. However I do stand up for Joel when the need arises, and I will stand up for my parenting. We have home educators need to realize the things we say can hurt others.I do it too. I realize you are Homeschooling mom of the year, but I have done that threes table six times and my son is crying. I don’t care if you know trig. I want to cry with him. I sigh every time a Homeschooling mom says “I have been homeschooling since birth because isn’t that what we do.” Actually I just wanted oldest my son to stop crying. He still talks too much :O) I came away from yesterday listening to one of my favorite songs. You are for me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbSMfL5LuSo
I am so thankful when it feels like everything is against me. My God is for me. you are for me

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  1. Great post! Our kids need to know we are on their side as much as we need to remember God is on our side! It doesn’t mean that wrong doing is overlooked (whether us overlooking our kids’ disobedience when it is actually disobedience or God overlooking our own disobedience) but that at the end of the day our kids know that we are rooting for them to be the best they can be! :o)


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