To EVERYTHING there is a season.


It’s maple syrup season at our house! Everyday Joel wakes up and says,”Mom can you make pancakes?” We tapped about 40 trees this year, my husband says next year we will be bigger. (Oh boy, that’s code for more work). During the Maple season we don’t pick blueberries. Too cold. We live here in Northwestern, PA. I’m surprised to see grass this year. Most years we still have feet of snow. Homeschooling and raising kids are the same way. Everything has a season.His season. Maple syrup 2013 001
I was talking with my sister yesterday. She reminded me of something. I’m in a new season. When my children were younger I did not go on retreats, or homeschool field trips!. If you read this and you have kids in diapers, take heart. God has you in a season too!! There is NO WAY when my kids were little would I have gone on that retreat. Forget field trips. I was worn out!. Sometimes I’d read a blog or even a book on homeschooling and get so discouraged. Grocery shopping wore me out. So please remember you are in a season. I still can’t believe I am here in the one I am in. I mean I went alone to a retreat. It just blows me away! I probably should have a whole blog on the fact that my husband is a linemen, climbs steel towers, like 200-300 ft. steel towers , handles electricity that could kill him and well I am glad that God’s plan is for Me to be the caretaker of my kids. After the green slime incident in my bathtub( which he removed with a snow shovel?) I don’t think his season will EVER be a stay at home dad! So today don’t try to pick blueberries. It’s Maple syrup season. NO High Fructose Corn Season. Just Pure Syrup. Hmm, so good. Enjoy the season you are in. Don’t worry about others. Let them go on field trips. Stay home Enjoy your kids. Take a nap. It really does go fast. I know it get’s sticky. I know sometimes we think, “Ugh , will this ever end?” It does. It will. Now I am a referee, and a taxi driver. I’d love to go back to changing diapers. Enjoy your season. They won’t be Cinderella forever..IPAD 748

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  1. We do it all. Even burn it sometimes( if it’s left up to me)Haha! If you have only one Maple tree you can tap it at home with your children. It is actually super easy. . Great lessons for science!


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