When I least expected it.


I admit it today. I am tired. However I am so encouraged. For a few months now my oldest son Daniel and I have had a conflict of interest. He’s growing up. He challenges my authority. He and I are not seeing eye to eye. When I left for the homeschool retreat it was early in the morning. I went up to say goodbye to my kids. I walked into my boy’s room. ” Bye Joel, see ya when I get back”, Joel did like a Helen Keller and felt for my face. No words. I heard this voice though, “bye mom I’ll miss you” .I smiled in the dark. “Bye Daniel. Love you, I’ll miss you too.” I didn’t even think he’d notice I was gone. It’s not like an outright fighting or rebellion, just challenges and this friction all the time. Once in a rare moment we will go get horse feed together and he’ll let his guard down. I love those moments. I’m not the teacher. I am just his mom. We are laughing and driving. He’ll go into the Bushnell store (where we get our feed) and carry the feed for me. I keep those moments close. He’s 12. The years are going so fast. I can still remember him at the top of the Silo at 3 years old. Our friend Johnny had to get him down because I was pregnant. I remember him asking me if John the Baptist was going to have his head on in heaven( I mean I have never even thought of that), I remember him running down to the stream full speed and when I asked him what in the world he was doing he said” Mom I’m getting five smooth stones to slay the giant.” Picture 111Those days have gone. Now we have this new Daniel who tells me facts like “Did you know that tattoos don’t harm people because of macrophages..”, He stripped the bark off of all of the fence posts last summer to earn money to buy his kindle fire. He is now a hunter. He took is safety course and can tell my husband and I more about the hunting laws and guns then we know!He loves looking for fossils in the stream beds around here. We are blessed to live near lake Erie and it is a treasure trove of fossil finds. The one thing that always has encouraged me is his heart for God. He is such a deep thinker and it leads him straight to the Creator. Last summer when we were picking out curriculum, I allowed the kids to choose the science they wanted. Daniel chose Human Anatomy. Now I had to get a video. I don’t have time to teach it because of the other issues going on with Joel. We ended up picking Dr. Menton’s Body of Evidence Daniel has been soaking it in. When I went to the retreat in Indiana I was allowed to pick a prize off this table for being one of the ones to come the furthest. Mr. Landry had already showed us a science book Life Science by Science Shepherd I could have gotten other cool stuff but I grabbed the science book. I got home late Sunday night. I had experiments and other neat stories to tell my kids. They were excited to see me. I said” oh Daniel I don’t know if you really care but I won this Science book”, and handed it to him. Daniel flipped open the science book and exclaimed “CELLS AND TISSUE , mom this looks awesome!!!” My husband looked at me and shook his head. Daniel said, “thanks mom .” He walked away with the book ,reading it! I did not expect that. God has a special plan in mind for Daniel. I don’t know what it is. He told me the same thing I learned on my retreat. “The more I learn about human anatomy, the more I realize I cannot be an accident.” I cannot wait to see what God, The Creator has in store for Daniel. It’s amazing to me to think how well planned it is, yet He always shows me when I least expect it.

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