I just want to know if anyone else feels this way.


I just came back from the most wonderful Home-school Moms Science Retreat in Indiana! It is put on by http://www.landryacademy.com. It was located at Pyoca camp in Brownstown , IN. I stayed in a beautiful cabin with other homeschooling moms.MOMS RETREAT 063 They served all the meals at the camp retreat center.MOMS RETREAT 070 We had our science classes downstairs in the main building. MOMS RETREAT 022Lake Pyoca was outside and it was just beautiful.MOMS RETREAT 019 We were able to win science prizes and Mr. Landry taught us what we should be teaching our children in science, how to prepare them for college. The fellowshipping of the moms was the most priceless gift I took away and the two ladies helping Mr. Landry Jen Henriksen and Leslee Dirnberger, what a blessings they were. We also were able to do many experiments including dissecting a sheep uterus with a baby inside.MOMS RETREAT 038 Talk about amazing. Total cost I paid? $25.00! That and the gas to get there!
I talked to so many amazing moms at this retreat. Some of these moms left me speechless. There were moms who were divorced, doing it alone. They wondered if anyone would support them. There was a mom who home educated and had a husband with a disability. She needed this retreat. One mom had been home educating( which she specified) since 1978!. Speechless. There were so many moms who felt, “Does anyone else ever feel guilty?”, “Do they ever wonder am I getting this home educating thing right?”, “Does anyone ever think, I’m a total failure?” “Is anyone ever honest.” Another mom said to me, ” I wish homeschooling moms would be more honest or real. I mean don’t we all struggle. Sometimes it feels like we all just put on a show” I took a hard look at myself this weekend. I know how these moms feel. I struggle with that too. I mean it’s the same thing I felt with the blogs. Here I am ripping my hair out trying to help my son, who has dyslexia, while trying to make sure I don’t neglect my other precious children. Can’t we all be real. Do we have time for facades. Isn’t it more work to put on a false front? I have my good days and bad days. Some days I soar. My kids get it. I think I got this. Other days like one mom said, “I’m ready to put my kid on the bus and wave goodbye.” I want authenticity. We all just want to know someone understands where we are. It is especially important if you have been home educating for a year or less. Support is so important. I am so glad I have an Authentic God. The more I saw how amazing the human body was. The more I knew. I am NO accident. If you get the chance to go on one of these retreats, GO! It came in my email. I did it on one of those”, for $ 25.00 I’ll leave if it’s bad. It was not an accident:O)

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