Get Real!


Okay I am so sick of blogs ! I’ve stopped reading some of you!! Here’s why:How to clean your Bathroom. Seriously with a title like that for a homeschooling blog please tell me how to turn my ipad into a robot and have it clean the bathroom for me. How about, Helps for homeschooling dads<tower training 015 In a normal real life situation the Dad goes to work. My husband is not helping me from up there. He helps when he can. . He taps trees, does bees, welds, works on cars, built a saw mill …there isn’t much he can’t do, but your never having minutes with Dan. So lets be real Okay. How about, How to make soup I just Google a recipe folks.I mean what is going on? I get Loony this time of year too, but maybe think of something different pertaining to homeschooling. Other then That I’m excited today. I’m off to a Homeschooling science retreat in Indiana, JUST FOR MOMS! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. I think one of the joys and privileges of homeschooling, is that we don’t just look at the educational aspect of what we do. We are here to help each other with all aspects of life. Yes, we homeschool, but we clean the bathroom, handle laundry, deal with misbehaved children, and a myriad of other things as well.

    The purpose of those blog posts is to help homeschooling families deal with everyday life situations, so they can better focus on their children’s learning.

    It might not meet your needs, which is okay, but it might also helps others who sometimes struggle with just getting up in the morning and maintaining their houses.

    Personally, that is why my blog is titled what it is…. I don’t just homeschool, I’m a mom. I am free to talk about how I educate my children, but also how to better be their parent, teach them to clean up after themselves, how to cook wholesome meals for the gang, and how to be a better wife to my guy. I don’t choose to separate all aspects of my life, it is the combined set of hats I wear that make me what I am. All areas of my life contribute to how my children learn.


    • Thanks for the comment. Honestly I have not read your specific blog, but I will check it out now. I do agree. I think after meeting this weekend and chatting with other homeschooling moms we all felt that we are all trying to do the best we can. When I am home struggling with dyslexia the last thing I want to read is how to clean my bathroom. No offense. I just want to know there is someone , somewhere that relates to me.


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