“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.” HK


image helen kellerYesterday the sun was shining! Yeah! Thank you God! That’s a big deal here in Northwestern PA. I think sometimes this is Alaska!! Anyway we start our day doing chores. We have chickens , a cow and two horses. It sounds so exciting, except at 6:30 am when it’s -13. You really hate them then. Farm living is not the life for anyone then! I recently gave my daughter Sierra a book on Helen Keller. Sierra is 8. Sierra’s chore is giving the horses the grain. She usually gets up and goes right out there. The story behind the horses is actually a neat one. Silver our slightly moody( I say slightly, but actually she tried to kill me, so maybe psychotic is a better term) Tennessee Walker , was bought for Sierra. Two years ago Sierra started having seizures. That was one of the scariest times of our lives. I will tell you my faith in God was tested. Sierra actually proved to me that my God was definitely real and big enough for that trial. Not only is Sierra seizure free today, but happier. She got Silver and Smokey(pony) out of the trial as well! Yesterday she comes flying back in, quickly eats her breakfast, grabs the book, sits on the recliner,(if you call putting your feet in the air sitting) and goes off to Helen Keller’s world. I loved it! She stopped here and there to come in the kitchen and tell me pieces of what Ann Sullivan was teaching Helen or how Helen held a lion cub. Sierra knows she has a book report to write at the end of this book. It hasn’t stopped the journey for her yet. This is what I love about home educating.(Now don’t get me wrong. There are days when I have called my husband and said,” I am done! No one is listening. I am sending these kids to the Public School!” The kids know by then they are in it big time. I am worn out and they have pushed every button. So it’s not always roses. Especially in February. I hate February). There is no bell that will ring.Learning continues until she stops it. Yes she still did her astronomy, Math, Language, Social studies, Art. That all happened when she was ready. She finished it all and had time to play outside in the sunshine.Silver Sierras Horse Aug  29 2012 008
This book by Susan Jeffers I used to read to Sierra. The horse in the Book is Silver. When we purchased Silver for Sierra we had no idea that she was going to look like this horse. Sierra was staring at her through the temporary barn the day we got her,all of a sudden she ran in the house. She came back out with a book and said,” mom look! Silver waits outside my window Always!” God has been so amazing to us!

Silver Sierass Horse Aug 29 2012 001

Silver Sierrass Horse Aug 29 2012 002

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