Mom I feel Alone.


Ugh. I don’t think there is anything worse my son could have said. We were on our way home from Awana. He loves Awana. He loves our Church. . He has friends. Our Pastor Is just great. There is a wonderful community of “homeschooling” families. ” What’s wrong Joel?” I said . As I glanced out the window of our car. I knew though.  “I don’t know mom, I just felt sick in my stomach and it made me feel alone.” “Joel , did you have to spell in Awana?” “Um, yeah We had to list…” I didn’t have to hear the rest. My mind was already wandering back to Sally Shaywitz book Overcoming Dyslexia. There is part of it I had just read again that morning. It said this:

One final clue to dyslexia in children and adults alike:…they are in pain. Dyslexia inflicts pain. It represents a major assault on self-esteem.[Dyslexic students may have] a reluctance to attend school or moodiness or spoken expressions such as “I’m dumb.”…

Joel was in pain. He said he felt fine playing the games.Of course he did. Joel is excellent at sports. Last year in soccer we said we would give him $5.00 a goal. We figured he would get one or maybe two goals. He got 40!!! He ended up buying a kindle fire HD. This summer we have to lower the price on his the self esteem booster!!! So what do you do? Well I know I need to inform. I am going to inform the Awana leaders of what Dyslexia is and isn’t. Most people are under the impression that Dyslexia is just reading and writing backwards. This misconception can only be stopped by education. I honestly wouldn’t fully know either unless my son had Dyslexia. Being patient with people is the key. Hey I was there once! >

If you don’t know where to start and you think your child is showing signs of Dyslexia. Here is a great place to start <a This is Bright Solutions for Dyslexia. Susan Barton is wonderful and she will return your email.

What you need to know is you know your child best. I love Joel more than anyone. Together through tears and much prayer, Joel is going to be who God wants him to be. Reading and writing are not signs of intelligence. When Joel is out tapping our maple trees, or caring for a wild rabbit, his true character and intelligence comes out. I see his perseverance on the soccer field, when his coach apologizes for making Joel sit out because he’s “too good”. I’m not worried about his future, I’m worried about his present. I want him to grow up now with confidence and love. We teach him  that at home. He has specialized curriculum. He has improved so much. It takes time. It’s a good reminder to me of why we decided to home educate to begin with.Joel is not going to outgrow this. He needs to learn to work with this.  I see so much in Joel. I want him to….

Promise Me You’ll Always Remember:

You’re braver Than You Believe,

Stronger Than You Seem And Smarter Than You Think. 

(Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh)


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About Barb Barker

Homeschooling mom of 4 children( two with Dyslexia). Wife of Dan, my love for 118 years. Live on 60 acres in NW PA. I love Ron Paul and I'm a Christian! Never wanted kids and never wanted to homeschool!! So here I am, Four kids and a Farm!

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