Freeing Myself from the Coop


Do you ever just get so sick of reading the homeschooling blogs where the blogger is telling you how their day was so perfectly organized and they show you wall to wall manipulatives? Well I do. I’m there. You see . I left the coop. I used to feel so trapped. I had to use that one curriculum . You know The ONE .The one where I have to use it .If not my kids would be failures. They were doomed to be dumb. Bottom of the pecking order. They would Never get the worms. Homeschooling is a lot like my chicken Coop. It gets real stinky sometimes. There is definitely a pecking order. You know what ? You can break free . I did. I free range.20130303-000520.jpg

So how did I do it? It actually started when I had my fourth child Cheyenne. I was homeschooling three and my second son Joel was struggling so bad. We were using a traditional Phonics curriculum that is supposed to be two grades ahead. Joel was in tears every day. He actually said to me,”Mom I am sorry I am so dumb”.I did not know what to do.My heart was breaking. I was so burned out. I thought maybe I was just dumb . I taught Daniel( my oldest)and he caught on. Joel was not getting it, at all. I started to google the problems. The word Dyslexia came up over and over and over. So now some of you probably think I googled writing backwards . Right? Well actually that is a myth. I googled lack of comprehension in reading, can’t sound out words, poor spelling ,can’t blend words. Can’t read. ….. That alone makes me cry even now. Then Susan Barton a Specialist in Dyslexia came to Erie and I was able to attend her lecture . It confirmed what I had Googled. Joel was definitely Dyslexic. Do you know what that feels like in the homeschooling community. I mean those moms pride themselves on how smart their kids are. Here I am with the diagnosis of Dyslexia staring me in the face. Now what? Well the first thing was I got a different curriculum.( which does not cure dyslexia, it is a life long challenge. We will talk more about this.) In looking for something different I found that there were so many choices and began my eclectic( free range) choice of home educating . I don’t model my home after the public schools so I can’t really say homeschool. I’m really educating. I will tell you I tried to once. Total fail. When I started to get free from the confines of what everyone else was doing. When I stopped comparing my kids to everyone else. When I realized that my kids were unique. That God had made them individuals. They learned differently. He wanted them to learn according to their own unique design. My world got a whole lot bigger. I became free.
I know I get so intimidated home educating. Especially when I first started. Phonemic awareness. What is that? I mean I grew up in the public schools. They taught me to read by the sight method. Had I not gone to a Christian College I don’t think I would have even known what phonics was. Honestly though I have learned more homeschooling then all my years in school.I want this blog to be honest. I can’t do it all. Seriously my house is totally trashed by the end of the day. I often tell my children. Well no one will ever put our house in a blog! Do you people hire maids? I mean with people like the Duggards up on a pedestal how can someone like us ever compare? In this blog I really want to bare my heart. What makes me different then every other blog out there?I have home educated through: three pregnancies, two back surgeries, two moves, my daughter having seizures, my husband being gone for ten months , (while we lived in our new house and I killed 267 snakes) yes, that is true. Oh, I’m Joel’s mom and he has Dyslexia. I think that is my biggest challenge yet.
Hi I’m Barb, home educating mom of four. Hope you join me as I home educate and free range my kids .



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